The OEHRG is a cross-departmental and inter-disciplinary group at University of Stirling. It includes policy researchers, social scientists, chemists, biologists, nurses, biochemists, public health physicians and occupational physicians who research and publish on issues affecting the workplace and the wider environment field.




Occupational Health and Safety in Scotland:  an opportunity to
improve work environments for all
Andrew Watterson, Rory O’Neill, Tommy Gorman, Jim McCourt, March 2014.     
Scotland’s poor health and safety record and productivity could be vastly improved if the nation was freed from the Westminster government’s damaging attack on the regulators that police workplace safety. This report concludes that an Independent Scotland could deliver quickly the practicable, proven and cost-effective measures  necessary to reform Scottish occupational health and safety and reverse the erosion of workplace protection imposed by Westminster.
Full reportNews release, 28 March 2014.


Regulating Scotland: What works and what does not in occupational and environmental health and what the future may hold
Andrew Watterson and Rory O’Neill, September 2012.
The effective enforcement of environmental and workplace health standards in Scotland is being undermined by cost-cutting measures packaged as recession-busting cost-benefit calculations. This report calls for Scotland to reinstate resources for official health and safety and environmental enforcement activities, and to abandon deregulation. It suggests the Scottish Government should also consider creating its own workplace safety regulator, the Scottish Occupational Health and Safety Agency.
ContentsFull reportPDF versionExecutive summary News release, 24 September 2012.